Why Swarasamyoga?

  1. Indian Classical Music is a very old form of art. It is one of the systematically designed systems of Classical Music. The sound has its vibrations which affect the human body. Scientific studies on Indian Classical Music proved that it has the potential of healing the mental diseases of the human body. Now a day, due to influence of western culture, people started to follow more filmy and western music than Traditional Indian Classical Music. There is a need to preserve and develop this great art. Swarasamyoga is an online web portal which facilitates both artists and listeners to connect each other through a common platform. It can encourage artists to promote themselves and in turn work for the development of Indian Music and helps listeners to enjoy the music that they wishes to enjoy.
  2. In additions to Indian Classical music, there is a need to preserve and develop other cultural form of arts like Bharatanatyam, traditional paintings, Yakshagaana. Swarasamyoga tries to connect artists and audience to develop these form of arts.
  3. These days there is a growing trend towards Yoga and Sanskrit all over the world. Swarasamyoga as an online platform helps to spread these divine cultural activies to the world.

Who we are?

  1. Swarasamyoga is Founded by Shriganesh Hegde Ullane and G M Subrahmanya. Shriganesh is an Hindustaani Classical Vocalist who learnt Indian Music under the able guidance of Shri Vinayak Hegde Hirehadda, who is a disciple of Pt. Ganapati Bhat Hasanagi.

G M Subrahmanya is a Sanskrit Scholar. Swarasamyoga has its head office in a small village called Bidrakan, in Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka.